Welcome to the wonderful world of watercolors.

Using wet on wet techniques creates a granulation of colors running together which makes watercolors so uniquely interesting. Images of joy with this subtle effect creates an enlivening feeling to the viewer.

I find looking at these paintings very healing, my eyes are literally nourished as I follow the color flows.

One of the things I love seeing with watercolors is the tooth of the paper surface, a texture appreciable only up close and personal.
My hope is that the Gallery background conveys this texture and color gradient for your imagination.

All the images/giclees are available in your choice of sizes and paper type, if you choose watercolor paper, the tooth effect will be a textural plus.

Regardless, In today electronic world, I’m happy to report that HAWAIIAN LONGFISH is quite lovely reproduced on a large stretched canvas and looks great over a white sofa!

With wet on wet techniques in watercolors, leaving a bit of white paper is challenging and makes the final images all the more interesting, realizing the layering of color and the poetic significance of what is not rendered.

Notice the paper showing in the petals, the eyes, water & clothing.

In the painting “UNITED, Keep your eyes on the prize” this effect is prominent in Benazir Bhutto’s shawl, which later was worn

by Malala, the 13 yr. old Pakistani Right to Education advocate to the UN in 2013.

For best viewing, in the Gallery click on the upper right to enlarge images.

Add some good music and I hope you’ll feel happy and relaxed in 10 minutes!